Please note: If at any stage in the adoption process, we or one of our volunteers/fosterers, home checkers etc. feel that the situation is not right for our dog, you may be turned down. We don’t have regimental rules on what homes are suitable but below gives you an outline of the type of homes we are looking for and the process we follow, should you wish to apply for one of our dogs.

Points to consider before you apply for a dog:
Many of our dogs are often traumatized, insecure and sometimes they have also been physically abused. They often need a lot of time spent on them, so generally they are not suitable to be left alone for long periods of time. We believe that 4 hours is the maximum amount of time a dog should be left alone, but for many of our dogs even this is too long. Puppies in particular benefit from not being left for long periods so please consider this before applying. We may ask your employer to verify your work hours.
Please consider the age of the dog/puppy you want to adopt against your own age before applying.

Legacy Rescue will allow dogs to be adopted to homes with children of all ages as long as the dog is suitable for that environment. We will discuss your circumstances and try to determine if the dog you’re interested in will be suitable for your home/family/lifestyle/other pets.

If you already own a dog/cat that is not spayed/neutered, we will consider your application depending on the dog you are applying for. However, Legacy Rescue strongly recommends dogs are spayed/neutered for medical and ethical reasons.

Your yard must be secure with a fence height relative to the size of dog you want to adopt. We usually only home a dog where there is a secure yard (not communal) and where the back yard is separate from the front.

We are looking for wonderful, responsible, forever homes. That means asking questions and trying to marry up the correct pet with the prospective family. We are not judgmental but we have a very large responsibility to make sure we do what’s right for you and especially for our dogs.

There is a $25 application fee.