Peanut is about 2 years old and he was found in front of a butcher shop at night very dirty and shivering due to very cold weather. Unfortunately, the person couldn’t bring him home that night and then we couldn’t locate him for a week. But that beautiful little face stayed in our hearts and when our wonderful partner in serbia saw him, she literally ran a marathon to catch him. He was scared, dirty and very hungry. So after a nice meal he was groomed and realized he was now saved and it was ok. Peanut was especially drawn to Gabby (please see Gabby’s add) who is a little bigger then him. She also was drawn to him like a big sister. She took him under her wings and introduced the gang :))
Peanut soon learned to play and have fun with his new friends. He is a sweet boy who just wants to be loved.
Peanut loves treats, playing with his friends, hugging for kisses. He needs a little bit training on jumping to get kisses. But who wouldn’t want to kiss that cute face? He is well socialized with other dogs and will be very happy in a family who will show the TLC he missed the first few years of his life. Definitely great with other dogs and kids. We do require kids 10 years and older.