Turkish Dog Rescue

Legacy Rescue, inc. also has a program where we save abandoned dogs from Turkey. 

While the majority of abandoned dogs are Golden Retrievers, we also find Golden mixes, Cocker Spaniels, Airedale Terriers, Poodles, Labradors and many other purebreds in the streets, forests and shelters of Turkey.

Our goal is to find them loving forever homes in USA. In the last 10 years, it has become fashionable in Turkey to buy purebred puppies from breeders and pet shops. Many are then abandoned when they grow in size, require attention, want to play or if the family expects a baby.  Due to the culture in Turkey, dogs are considered objects and not part of the family. Currently there are no Animal Welfare laws are in place in Turkey, so people don’t think twice abandoning them or abusing them.

Forests are full of Goldens and other purebreds who eventually succumb to the elements, attacks by other feral dogs, or die from disease and or hunger.  Although there are no kill shelters in Turkey, the conditions are so inhumane that they have become death camps. The majority of the dogs contract serious diseases within the first week they are in the shelter and most do not survive.  The lucky ones who survive in the shelter are often dropped in the forests when the shelter become overcrowded. It is a vicious cycle that never ends.

Even the streets are not safe as there are gypsies and drug addicts who will take these dogs and mistreat them. Some will even harm the dogs physically just so they can use the dog to beg for money. Smaller Goldens are also used as bait dogs for Kangals, “Anatolian Shepard’s”, Pit bulls and Dogo’s. Since there are currently no animal welfare laws, very little is done to help them and most do not survive.

Legacy Rescue Inc. locates adoptable dogs, determines their potential for adoptability in USA, and screens them for all possible illness. As a strict policy, we DO NOT bring dogs who have had distemper. We make sure the dogs have full blood, urine and additional tests and they are quarantined for minimum of 15 days. The dogs are properly vetted for two months and afterwards reside in pet hotels, where they receive further assessment and some training before coming to the USA. After 15 days of quarantine, they receive additional required vaccinations for canine coronavirus, rabies, kennel cough and the DHPP combination vaccine. Once medical assessment and care is complete, the dogs are spayed/neutered and micro chipped.

At Legacy Rescue Inc. we work very closely with our team in Turkey and have direct communication with our vets and pet hotels. All paperwork and passport information is completed in accordance with USA requirements and we comply with all applicable USDOA (US Department of Agriculture) regulations. We have adopted several dogs to wonderful families and provide Golden Retrievers to several reputable Golden Retriever Rescues who have been around for over 30 years. We do have high standards and follow a very strict process before bringing these dogs to USA. Our dogs are all well behaved and very loving. We want to make sure both the dogs and adopters are a good match so both you and your new addition to your family are not disappointed.

Thank you again for considering and supporting Legacy Rescue, Inc. for your next family member.