About Legacy Rescue

Legacy Rescue is a volunteer based rescue specializing in golden retrievers, doodles, wired haired terriers and labradors. We have been a 501(c)(3) since 2016 and saved approximately 200 dogs mainly golden retrievers.

We are a rescue with a big heart. Legacy Rescue finds these dogs in various situations and sometimes they are turned into us by their owners who can’t care for them for which we do not judge. We are lucky and happy to have them. We ensure all dogs go through the 48 hours quarantine process required by MDAR (Massachusetts Department of Agriculture) and they are all up to date with their inoculations, neutered/spayed and micro chipped. While in boarding, we assess their behaviors, personalities and work to find “the right family” for the dogs. We do not rush the process and we are thorough in behavior assessments so neither the dogs nor the families are disappointed.

Legacy works with MDAR approved facilities for the quarantine and boarding. We also are looking to expand our Foster home network in order to adjust dogs from kennel life to a home life. We believe once in a home, dogs thrive. One on one attention gives them the confidence they sometimes miss.

Our Mission statement:

Our mission is to save lives in a loving but responsible manner so no dog is left behind

Legacy Rescue also works with other rescues and find, vet and assess before giving them ready golden retrievers to adopt out as we do with our own adoptions.