The Legacy Rescue Adoption Process

You have to be at least 25 years old or older to adopt from Legacy Rescue. You must provide proof of Residence and income. 

Once you have completed our application form, we will conduct an interview over the telephone with you.  We may discuss some of your answers or ask you additional questions in order to ascertain that the dog you are interested in is a suitable match for your lifestyle. Please keep in mind our mission is to find the right family and situation for our dogs. This ensures that the dog and the family will be happy together. Please note we will not consider phone calls or email requests without the fully completed Adoption Application. Due to the high demand for our dogs, the large number of applicants, and the fact that we are a Volunteer Organization, it may take several weeks for us to get back to you. We do our best to return your calls as soon as possible-please be patient with us.

Once your application is approved, we will arrange for a home visit.. This will be scheduled as soon as both parties can agree to a date and time. We may ask our Legacy representative to clarify some of the points you have provided on the application or ask additional questions. For example, if you have said you are at home all day and we have been unable to contact you,  we may feel that you are not at home enough to suit the dog you are applying for. A home visit is done to verify that the home environment and yard will be a safe and secure place for our dog. If we determine that your home meets our requirements, you and your family (including any pets) will have a “meet and greet” with the dog. If this goes well, and we all agree that this is the right dog for you, Legacy will then send you our Adoption Contract to review. You have 48 hours to review it and to ask any questions you may have. If you are unable to work within this time frame, please inform us immediately. Upon agreeing to all the terms the Adoption Contract, the Rescue representative will bring the dog to his/her new home with all his belongings: favorite toys, collar, leash and1 bag of food. 

You Will Be Asked to Provide References

All members of your household must be in agreement about wanting to adopt a dog from Legacy Rescue. Non-family references are a MUST; you will need to contact your vet to let him/her know that we will be calling them for a reference as they are not allowed to speak to us without your authorization.  


If you are applying for a puppy, you will need to provide information on training classes in your area. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you will attend puppy training classes and will be given a copy for the trainer to sign upon completion of classes confirming that you have done so. We can help you find a good training facility in your area.

You and get your vet will be asked to sign an agreement stating that the puppy will be spayed/neutered at 6-8 months of age.  If you are applying for a puppy, please make sure you have the time to spend on training and socialization , Puppies are much more work than adult dogs.

All Legacy dogs over 7 months of age are neutered,spayed, microchipped, and have had their 4DX, CBC, Chemistry and Fecal tests. All dogs are dewormed and are on Nexguard for fleas and ticks, and are taking Heartguard for Heartworm prevention.

Upon Approval

Once you are approved, you will receive acceptance letter. The Home Visit Volunteer will provide us with their their findings and impressions, and we will decide if the dog you want to adopt is a good fit.  If we feel that your situation is not a good match for the dog you have expressed an interest in, we will suggest another dog who we feel will be a better fit. Your application remains valid should this prove to be the case.

Adoption Contract

We urge you to read our adoption contract very carefully and take it very seriously. Upon review you may have additional questions-if so, please email and we will respond to them. Upon agreeing to all terms, we will bring two copies of the Adoption Contract-one for you and one for our records.  We will collect the adoption fee when we bring the dog to his/her new home and all contracts are signed. We do not accept personal checks, cash or credit cards. We accept a Cashiers Check or a Bank Check.

Our Adoption Fees

Where They go:

We spend a huge amount each year on vet treatments, supplies, boarding, plane tickets, and quarantine. All our adult dogs are spayed or neutered (unless there is a medical reason for not doing so), have had all their vaccinations for the year, and are micro chipped and dewormed. It costs approximately $2500-$3000 to bring a dog from overseas and that does not include treatment for any health issues they may have had. 

If needed, we have x-rays, lab tests, specialist procedures, and surgeries performed;   often numerous additional medicines and treatments are needed for both adult dogs and puppies (6 months and up).

Our transportation costs are enormous as we are constantly collecting dogs from various parts of the World and airfare to the US.

We hope that this helps you to understand the huge cost of running this rescue and how donations are used.  We depend on you to help us save these wonderful dogs.

Since Legacy Rescue is a 501©(3) your Adoption Donation to Legacy Rescue can be used as a tax deduction. Please consult with your CPA.