Who We Are

We are a team of Volunteers who are passionate about Golden Retrievers. Our Mission is to rescue abandoned Golden Retrievers from USA and Overseas, rehabilitate them and find them forever, safe and happy homes.

This Mission started with the President and Founder Esra Gray rescuing one of her dogs Hennessy, a golden mix from Turkey in 2015. Hennessy was found on the side of the highway and was seconds before getting hit by fast moving vehicles. Thankfully, a volunteer noticed her, took her to a shelter and posted her picture on Facebook. Yes! Who knew? When Esra Gray saw her on a Facebook post, she knew immediately this was the sister she wanted for her Sydney, her goldendoodle. After several communication, she had Hennessy pulled out of the shelter, placed in private boarding facility, receive all vaccinations, spayed, prepared all necessary documentation for travel. Hennessy flew to USA March 5, 2015. The Gray family never looked back. It was one of the best decision they had ever made. The flight Volunteer who accompanied Hennessy explained what these beautiful dogs were enduring in this country. This is when the decision of opening a non profit to help these beautiful creatures was made. 

Since 2015, with collaboration with other rescues as well Legacy Rescue has brought over 350 Golden Retrievers and is continuing to help more Golden Retrievers from USA and various countries. Since Legacy Rescue is a fully Volunteer Organization where no one has a salary, all donations and adoption fees go towards rescuing the next Golden Retrievers in need.  Your donations and adoption fees go towards transport, boarding, flight & crate costs, logistics as well as veterinary care which can add up very quickly. All dogs from Legacy Rescue come with all their tests, all required vaccinations, spayed &neutered. We call ourselves a “Boutique Rescue” as we go above and beyond for the health and wellbeing of our Golden Retrievers. 

Legacy Rescue has been a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non profit organization since 2016

We pride ourselves in our detailed process for finding our dogs the right families. This is very important for our adopters to understand and appreciate. We always operate and decide with the dog’s best interest in mind.

Legacy Rescue is more than just a “Rescue”. Legacy Rescue is a “Community”. All our adopters have either become part of our rescue or are very engaged in helping our dogs. We all stay in touch and collaborate in how else we can help them find a better life. 

We look forward to expanding our “Rescue Community” with your help and to rescuing more Golden Retrievers in need. 

Thank you for your support!

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