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We currently adopt dogs to families in the New England states.

We put an emphasis on ensuring that we match the right dog with the right family and environment.

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Riley (available)

Riley is a 1 year, 2 month old adorable sweet golden retriever mix pup. He is cuddly, friendly and playful. Although he may be a bit shy at first, he opens up very quickly. Loves to sleep near wherever you are and is very respectful of your space. Great with dogs and people. Loves his strolls with his fosters and foster sister. He is loving life and is looking for his permanent family who will adore him as much as we do.

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Adopted Dogs

Rose (Adopted)

Beautiful Rose is out of quarantine adjusting to first time in her life living in a home. We must say she is doing great. Sleeping in crate great overnight and taking lots of walks and trying to play with the dogs. She is learning to go potty on a leash and making progress already in 24 hours. Always smiling and wagging tail

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Finley (Adopted)

Handsome Finley is sweet and calm, extremely well behaved, crate and potty trained and loves attention. Hard to believe he is only 3 years old. He would do great with any family, dog, cats, kids. Sleeps great in crate overnight and follows our foster everywhere 😃

If interested in Finley please apply here »

Tinsley (Adopted)

Tinsley is 2.6 years old and she is precious! When we fist found her she was sick with anaplasmosis and she spent few weeks getting better. She was also very shy and a tad scared. Well she has definitely has come out of her shell. She goes everywhere with her foster. One of her favorite places : breweries 😂 She believes everyone is there to see her and pet her 🤣 She is good with dogs and kids. At times she can be insecure and try to claim her yard or toys from other dogs but the moment she is corrected and claimed, she accepts and plays with her new furry friends. This is her first time she has been spoiled.

She is crate trained and potty trained. Great companion during the day even if you are on conference calls and after work at breweries apparently 🙈😅

Brinkley (Adopted)

Brinkley is a 2.7 years of age tripod Golden Retriever who acts and runs anything but like he is missing a limb! He is fantastic and loves to play, run and enjoy his new life in USA. We found him sleeping like an angel in the woods. After searching for an owner found out he was abandoned. He had a really bad limp so after consults with several orthopedic surgeons realized we couldn’t save his hind leg which was causing him a lot of pain. So we made the decision of freeing him from pain. Sure enough it did! He is an absolute dream. Crate trained, potty trained and so sweet. Much to our surprise loves the beach! Great swimmer! He plays daily with Lilly who also came from Serbia and loves Nana at home. The only word to describe Brinkley is “Perfection”

Watch a video here

Pearl (Adopted)

Pearl is a sweet 9 years old purebred English cream golden retriever. She was used as a breeder dog and when done with her, they threw her out like they do most of the time. When we found her she was very thin and warn out. She is anything but that since she has been here. Energetic, loving and social Pearl is everything you would want from a pet. She is great with dogs, kids and well basically everyone! She loves long walks and hikes but also loves to cuddles ❣️ She is potty trained and crate trained. Loves playing with her bones and also enjoy doggie ice cream 🥰

Basically she is the perfect family Golden Retriever.

Khaleese (Adopted)

Khaleese is 3.5 years old and 39 lbs. She is a sweet pup who is potty- and crate-trained. She is timid for the first 1/2 hour but then opens up and loves being in a home with a family. She loves going for walks and just appreciates and shows her gratitude. So respectful. She is great with kids and adults.

She is spayed and UTD on all vaccinations


Doby is 5 years 7 months old. Surrendered to Legacy Rescue by his family who didn’t have time for him anymore. He is an absolute sweet, gorgeous dog who loves his toys, bones and cuddling. He loves making new furry friends and absolutely adores long romantic walks on the beach:) very smart and quick learner. Crate trained, potty trained. So where is the lucky family?

Ava (adopted)

Ava is wishing everyone Happy and Safe Thanksgiving ❤️ This is her first Thanksgiving and many more. Let’s give it up for our new immigrant 😍😘😘😘

Ava is 2.5 years old, spayed, UTD on her vaccinations, sweet gentle loving golden retriever. She weighs approx 46 lbs. great with dogs, people and kids. Gets a tad too excited with cats.

If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting Ava, please complete our application or contact us at (914) 471-5509 and we will answer any questions you might have. Thank you in advance for your love and support of Ava and Legacy Rescue!

Laxma (adopted)

We are excited to introduce to you, Laxma, pronounced Lock-ma!

This very sweet and loving little boy is a two year old sheep dog mix who weighs 48lbs. He was rescued from the streets of Baku, Azerbaijan. While living at a local rescue, the kennels were flooded from a huge storm. Legacy Rescue jumped in and brought Laxma to the USA to help find him his forever family.

He had his first veterinarian visit today and after a day at the spa he will be ready to meet his forever family.

If you or someone you know might be interested in adopting Laxma, please complete our application or contact us at (914) 471-5509 and we will answer any questions you might have. Thank you in advance for your love and support of Laxma and Legacy Rescue!

Julia (adopted)

Julia is a sweet 1.5 year old, 17 lbs norfolk and jack russell terrier mix. Adorable, active but also very cuddly she is the entire package. Timid at first but opens up very quickly once she knows she is safe. She does very well with other dogs and she has no resource guarding about anything. Shares her food, her toys and even likes to cuddle with other dogs in a crate. She is a little shy of kids so kids over the age of 10 would be preferable.

Julia’s story is she was found along with her siblings abandoned when they were only 2-3 weeks old. They were bottle fed and lived until now in a boarding facility. She is incredible for a dog who has not been taught how to live in a home as she is potty and crate trained.

Beba (adopted)

Beba is a sweet labrador mix weighing 38 lbs. She was found in streets of Serbia being attacked by larger dogs and was brought into a rescue where she lived 3.5 years. Our rescue decided to bring her to USA to find a good home. She is a loving, adorable, intelligent and wanting to please type dog. Due to her previous life she is timid at the beginning and take a minute to look at your eyes. She has the cutest sweet little face and loves to be petted. Although she enjoys her walks and she also loves to lay on her dog bed while you work. Beba would be good in a quieter home with grown up kids and a calm and sweet dog.

Sully (Adopted)

Sully is an adorable 2 year old golden retriever. He is very loving and attaches to his owner quickly. He loves all dogs and is great with kids. Although he likes to play he also loves to cuddle. He thinks he is a lap dog 😅😅

If interested in sully please complete the adoption application here »

Connor (Adopted)

Hi there my name is Connor and I recently came from Serbia. I am approximately 2 and weigh 62 pounds.

In Serbia, I was found by a wonderful woman when I was clipped by a car. I was laying on the side of the road and when I saw her I got up and walked to her. She was my angel and she brought me to the vet and much to everyone’s surprise, I had not even a small fracture. Huh! I guess I am a tough cookie. But I am also a very sensitive boy. I am shy at first but then open up. Playful but not “obnoxious,” as my foster mom says. She likes to call me “sweet as rice pudding” 🙄 Ok then 🥰

Although I love my temporary home, I am looking for my forever home. Preferably with another dog whom I can play with. I hope someone in the US will fall in love with me and make me forget the bad few years I lived in Serbia. If you wish for a sweet handsome hunk please complete the adoption application by clicking the button below.

Adoption Application »

Clara (Adopted)

My name is Clara and I am the cutest doodle mix from Serbia. I am just a 1-year old pup and weigh about 43 lbs. I am a happy, sweet girl who loves to play, play, play! Especially if I have another furry friend 😃

You probably will have to train me on leash walking, or I will have you wrapped around like a package 😂 I think it’s a really cool game, actually.

I am so lovable you just can’t help but rub my belly, which is my favorite thing. So if you think you want the cutest dog (yes, I am very humble, too) please complete the adoption application by clicking the button below.

Adoption Application »

Duke (Adopted)

Duke is a 2.5 year old sweet Golden Retriever. He was found in a shelter in Serbia. He is playful but also calm and cuddly. He gets along great with other dogs and kids.

Willow (Adopted)

Willow is a young (11 month old) Golden Retriever Mix who is up for fun times ? She is a very active pup who needs a fenced in yard. But once tired after all the playing, she is very affectionate. She wants to curl next to you and be loved. Willow loves her active family who doesn’t mind taking her for playing at a park, jogs or hikes. One of the +’s she is still young so this gives her new parents ability to train her the way they want. She loves to learn! Educating her will be a lot of fun.

Asky (Adopted)

Asky is a beautiful purebred English cream Golden Retriever. He is 3 years old and thankfully has never been homeless. However, due to his daddy having to go back to Saudi Arabia, where dogs are not allowed, he came to the USA to find his new forever home. He is an active 3 year old who is great with people, dogs and even some cats. He is also potty trained.

Tansy (Adopted)

This is Tansy – 1.5 years old

Smiley (Adopted)

This is Smiley approximately 2 years old.

Emma (Adopted)

This is Emma, about 2yrs old.

Biscuit (Adopted)

This is Biscuit and she is approximately 2.5 years old.

Trent (Adopted)

The is Trent approximately 2 years old.

Gasha (Adopted)

This is Gasha, 3 years old, available now.

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Tristan (Adopted)

Tristan is an adorable 1.5 year old 48 lbs Italian Spinone. He has the dreamiest hazel eyes and he is tall with beautiful cream fur. Italian Spinone’s are loyal and patient.

Tristan was found in the streets of Obrenovac. After few months of inoculations, neutering he flew to USA. He is healthy and sweet. He is shy especially when he first his new human friends. That’s very normal considering he was found abandoned in the streets and who knows what abuse he had to endure. So when meeting him first patience and empathy is best. Letting him smell and trust you will lead to a successful friendship. It will take him some time and a lot of TLC to forget his past and become an American who is totally spoiled which is the way we like them 🙂

All kidding aside, Tristan is a sweet young boy who needs the love he didnt have his first 1.5. Let’s change that!

Gabriella (Adopted)

Gabriella was found in the forest. She was in terrible shape and we knew if we didn’t catch her soon she was going to die. Terrified she finally decided to approach our team who offered her compassion, love and a much needed vet visit. The prognosis was grim. Although she didn’t have any viral disease, she did suffer many others that could claim her life. The mange was so bad we didn’t even know if she was a golden retriever but we didn’t care. She needed our help! So we took her in. It took approximately a year till this beauty came out under that horrible image (see attached video)

Gets along with dogs, cats and kids. Her favorite pastime is to play fetch with Tennis Ball. She is very sweet and has gained good amount of weight compared to when she was found. She still has some scars of her wounds but they are now getting covered by the beautiful white coat she has. Gabriella is a survivor. She may be timid at first when she meets men but warms up pretty quickly. No aggression whatsoever. We can’t blame her that she does not want to share her food and so she warns them with a growl but no biting. Great with humans in fact you can even take the food out of her mouth. She is crate and potty trained

A fenced in yard is preferred as she is not trained in “come” command yet however we can consider adopters who are willing to have her trained. We do not adopt to anyone who will leave dogs alone for more than 4 hours at a time – with all the dog walker and day care options why would anyone? A tired dog equals happy owner.

Goldy (Adopted)

Goldy was found in the streets starving as many do. She is a young beautiful and loving golden – we believe approximately 1.5 -2 years old. She is very loving with a little side of “mischief” – the cute kind. Definitely hug energy.

She is very intelligent and very outgoing. Very quick learner which is a blessing and a curse because before you know it she will be training you her way 🙂

All kidding aside with some positive training there is no telling how far this beautiful girl can get. She definitely aspires to be a dog walker or trainer(see attached video). Goldy would definitely enjoy obedience classes and even agility classes. She definitely needs to be placed in a family with parents who are active and definitely would love to have other dogs to play with. Kids are ok but we would prefer 10 years and older.
She has a little message “Hello look at how adorable I am with my devilish smile and smooth moves.

Hazel (Adopted)

Hazel is approx. 2 years old. She is an absolute beauty and knows it too:) She loves to play and loves to cuddle. She gets along great with both humans and kids. Just a pure love bug.

Bony (Adopted)

Bony is approximately 2.5 year old gorgeous Golden Retriever boy. He is very friendly and loves to give hugs. We are working on that:) He was found abandoned in the forest along with his friend Gasha whom we also rescued.

From what we have observed he is great with all humans, dogs and kids. When he gets excited he does jump on you so we will be working on this until he is here. Not so great on leash walking yet so he will need some training. Besides that he has no resource guarding at all and he is an absolute love.

Lilly (Adopted)

Lilly is a sweet 3-year-old Golden Retriever who was rescued from being chained with no food and water. She was used for breeding and then left to die.  Despite abuse and neglect, she is the sweetest girl who just wants to be loved. She loves humans, dogs even some cats:)

She is potty trained and is a calm girl. She does love to play with other dogs. A little curious about the little dogs. Good with kids 10 and up.

Lora (Adopted)

Lora is approximately 4 years old and 55 lbs. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog despite the abuse she went through. She is great with kids, dogs and cats. She has no resource guarding that we have observed and she loves playing with dogs and cats. She is also very polite in the home. She is crate and potty trained. She could easily be left out of crate home but in the beginning we always recommend crating when left alone home till the dog gets used to your home.

It would be preferred if she doesn’t stay home alone for long and if need to be out for a day she should attend daycare or have a walker.

Cody (Adopted)

Cody is a young golden retriever (barely 1 year old) who is full of energy and very excited about learning everything. He loves to run and play but also loves to snuggle up with you with his PINK KONG in his mouth:))) He needs an active family who will tire him out. He is very sweet, friendly with dogs (he has lived with 30 of them at the kennel). However, it is always recommended slow and gentle introductions with any dog as we always do.

He sleeps through the night in his crate with his bone shaped pillow and his Kong. Looooves the Kong which is excellent for keeping him busy. He is great with everyone except cats. No noon cats sadly.

Kids : Excellent. Little jumpy since he is a pup so kids who are used to dogs – pups is better

He does need some training with leash walking (we use EX walk harness) and h has definitely improved. He doesn’t pull. He sometimes goes in zig zag:)) Funny fellow

Kids : 10 plus years old is preferred
Experienced and active families are preferred with high energy puppies
Cats : Not good
Car rides : Good
Crate trained

Bobo (Adopted)

Bobo is a goofy sweet big boy. He was first purchased from a breeder in Germany and lived for 5 years in Turkey with his family in a garden kennel. He loves being inside of a home and wants to cuddle and be loved. He is an amazing dog with other dogs. He is very kind and gentle even with dominant dogs. Perfect dog for a family

Weight: 88 lbs
How is with dogs : great with all dogs and even ok with some cats
How is with kids: TBD but we think he would be great
How is in car: Good
Resource guarding: none observed
Food guarding: none observed
Favorite toys: playing with other dogs and any toy. Very easy

Yogi (Adopted)

Sweet but guarded when first meets people, Yogi is a gentle giant. He gets comfortable as he meets you and loves playing with all dogs. He is the perfect dog with a patient loving family. He is great on leash walking. Loves giving his paw so he can get a lot of TLC. Has the warmest brown eyes

Age: 3
Weight: 68.5 lbs
How is with dogs: good with most dogs
How is with cats: careful
Kids: TBD
In car: good
Favorite toys: Being caressed
Fear: careful when first meeting a man and thunderstorms
Resource guarding: none observed
Food guarding: none observed