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Establish a Donation Plan

Planned giving enables you to provide support for our humane activities while adapting your support to fit your needs as well. In reviewing these options, you may find that you can help support the future work of LEGACY RESCUE while fulfilling your own goals of philanthropy and remaining financially secure. Gifts may be in the form of money, investments, or a portion of an estate. We encourage you to consult your attorney, accountant, or financial advisor to help determine the type of gift that is right for you.


A bequest in your will provides your estate with an unlimited tax deduction. LEGACY RESCUE can be named as a beneficiary under your will as the recipient of an outright gift (typically a designated amount or a percentage of the estate) or as a residuary beneficiary to receive the balance of your estate after specific amounts have been paid to other beneficiaries. You can also add LEGACY RESCUE as a beneficiary through a codicil without re-writing your entire will.

Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance can provide a significant charitable deduction. To receive a deduction, the policy should be transferred to LEGACY RESCUE as owner and beneficiary while you remain the insured. You may make annual gifts to us which we will use to pay policy premiums (annual gifts are tax-deductible as well).

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder unitrusts (CRUTS) and charitable remainder annuity trusts (CRATS) are established by donors working in conjunction with their advisors. A charitable remainder trust will make payments to the donor or another individual named by the donor for life or for a term of years. CRATS pay a fixed amount. CRUTS pay a percentage of the trust principal as determined annually. The donor selects a trustee to manage the trust. At the end of the trust’s term, the trustee will distribute the balance of the trust to LEGACY RESCUE.