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Brinkley (Adopted)

Brinkley is a 2.7 years of age tripod Golden Retriever who acts and runs anything but like he is missing a limb! He is fantastic and loves to play, run and enjoy his new life in USA. We found him sleeping like an angel in the woods. After searching for an owner found out he was abandoned. He had a really bad limp so after consults with several orthopedic surgeons realized we couldn’t save his hind leg which was causing him a lot of pain. So we made the decision of freeing him from pain. Sure enough it did! He is an absolute dream. Crate trained, potty trained and so sweet. Much to our surprise loves the beach! Great swimmer! He plays daily with Lilly who also came from Serbia and loves Nana at home. The only word to describe Brinkley is “Perfection”

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