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Cody (Adopted)

Cody is a young golden retriever (barely 1 year old) who is full of energy and very excited about learning everything. He loves to run and play but also loves to snuggle up with you with his PINK KONG in his mouth:))) He needs an active family who will tire him out. He is very sweet, friendly with dogs (he has lived with 30 of them at the kennel). However, it is always recommended slow and gentle introductions with any dog as we always do.

He sleeps through the night in his crate with his bone shaped pillow and his Kong. Looooves the Kong which is excellent for keeping him busy. He is great with everyone except cats. No noon cats sadly.

Kids : Excellent. Little jumpy since he is a pup so kids who are used to dogs – pups is better

He does need some training with leash walking (we use EX walk harness) and h has definitely improved. He doesn’t pull. He sometimes goes in zig zag:)) Funny fellow

Kids : 10 plus years old is preferred
Experienced and active families are preferred with high energy puppies
Cats : Not good
Car rides : Good
Crate trained

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