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Gabriella (Adopted)

Gabriella was found in the forest. She was in terrible shape and we knew if we didn’t catch her soon she was going to die. Terrified she finally decided to approach our team who offered her compassion, love and a much needed vet visit. The prognosis was grim. Although she didn’t have any viral disease, she did suffer many others that could claim her life. The mange was so bad we didn’t even know if she was a golden retriever but we didn’t care. She needed our help! So we took her in. It took approximately a year till this beauty came out under that horrible image (see attached video)

Gets along with dogs, cats and kids. Her favorite pastime is to play fetch with Tennis Ball. She is very sweet and has gained good amount of weight compared to when she was found. She still has some scars of her wounds but they are now getting covered by the beautiful white coat she has. Gabriella is a survivor. She may be timid at first when she meets men but warms up pretty quickly. No aggression whatsoever. We can’t blame her that she does not want to share her food and so she warns them with a growl but no biting. Great with humans in fact you can even take the food out of her mouth. She is crate and potty trained

A fenced in yard is preferred as she is not trained in “come” command yet however we can consider adopters who are willing to have her trained. We do not adopt to anyone who will leave dogs alone for more than 4 hours at a time – with all the dog walker and day care options why would anyone? A tired dog equals happy owner.

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