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Goldy (Adopted)

Goldy was found in the streets starving as many do. She is a young beautiful and loving golden – we believe approximately 1.5 -2 years old. She is very loving with a little side of “mischief” – the cute kind. Definitely hug energy.

She is very intelligent and very outgoing. Very quick learner which is a blessing and a curse because before you know it she will be training you her way 🙂

All kidding aside with some positive training there is no telling how far this beautiful girl can get. She definitely aspires to be a dog walker or trainer(see attached video). Goldy would definitely enjoy obedience classes and even agility classes. She definitely needs to be placed in a family with parents who are active and definitely would love to have other dogs to play with. Kids are ok but we would prefer 10 years and older.
She has a little message “Hello look at how adorable I am with my devilish smile and smooth moves.

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