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Tristan (Adopted)

Tristan is an adorable 1.5 year old 48 lbs Italian Spinone. He has the dreamiest hazel eyes and he is tall with beautiful cream fur. Italian Spinone’s are loyal and patient.

Tristan was found in the streets of Obrenovac. After few months of inoculations, neutering he flew to USA. He is healthy and sweet. He is shy especially when he first his new human friends. That’s very normal considering he was found abandoned in the streets and who knows what abuse he had to endure. So when meeting him first patience and empathy is best. Letting him smell and trust you will lead to a successful friendship. It will take him some time and a lot of TLC to forget his past and become an American who is totally spoiled which is the way we like them 🙂

All kidding aside, Tristan is a sweet young boy who needs the love he didnt have his first 1.5. Let’s change that!

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