Dadas Family

This beautiful Akbas mixed mom had 5 puppies in the woods of Erzurum in 2015. She tried to survive in cruel cold water and hunger. However this was not her hardest task, her hardest task were the cruel people. Cruel people who tortured her, cut up her 4 puppies and beheaded them with machetes in the name of fun. Sick… One puppy survived by hiding underneath a construction site but they managed to cut her tail and she also received some cuts to her legs but she managed to escape somehow… Our rescue could not stand to leave this poor mom and pup there. We were able to work with one of the loveliest animal activist Sibel Molu and she helped us transport this beautiful family all the way from Erzurum to Istanbul – 14 hours. They came to the big city and went to the vet and then to a great pet hotel where they were loved and felt safe. In August of 2015 they both found homes in WI, USA and flew home with another wonderful flight volunteer, animal activist Auntie Yaprak.

Nala, the puppy,went through health challenges but survived. She is a survivor this strong girl. She did not find happy ending with first family but she has since find the perfect family and is being loved exactly as she deserves.Her parents adore her and are best parents she could ever have. Lily, mom, has been living with her amazing family and 2 siblings in her farm and is a happy dog who just has fun playing all day long. We hope some day they see each other again as they live close by and share with you their pics and videos.